"The whirlwind of lines and colours metamorphoses into a melody of the soul."



Marie-Kathrin Reiter-Daspet, French and German.


She is essentially interested in the human form: face or body, and seeks to translate the feelings inspired by the model, adapting her expression (colour, line, drawing technique) to the personality of the model.


Studies at the School of Decorative Arts, Strasbourg.




·        Member of AIDA (Artistes Indépendants D’Alsace - Independent Artists of Alsace) since 2002;

·        Vice-President of AIDA from October 2008 till the end of 2010;

·        Member of Villa Rhena since 2008;

·        Project Manager of French-German cultural exchange between two galleries on a project financed by Bosch.


Journalist since 2008, writing articles for a newspaper of painting "Dessins et Peintures". Among other articles she write about colour (symbolism, harmony and recipes), anatomy for nude drawing, Style, self-portrait and Muses.



Nude drawing and portrait teacher at the European Popular University of Strasbourg since 2009.


Summer 2013, nude drawing and portrait teacher in german at the Illenauer Kunstsommer.




Regular exhibitions since 2001 in Alsace, Paris, Germany, Czech Republic (Pilsen), Switzerland (Zurich), Belgium (Liège), USA (Boston) and Japan (Tokyo).

She has exhibited several times for the diocese of Strasbourg in churches ("11ème chemin d’art sacré") and for the 100th anniversary of the church of Bischeim. In particular she has exhibited in the Chamber of Commerce, the Council of Europe and at the fair St'Art, among other places in Strasbourg.

She has a permanent exhibition in one gallery in Germany.


Link: Permanent art exhibition on the Hautepierre University Hospital Footbridge, September 2012


Public acquisitions : 2010 and 2013, Hautepierre University Hospital;

                                        2013, Hospital Amreso-Bethel.




·        A six page report  on my artistic work in the newspaper "Dessins et Peintures" N°20 (October-November, 2009)


·        Article with Thomas Hawes in English on the position of women in art ;


·        Joint article on the position of women in art: "Dessins et Peintures" N°21.


·        Joint article on the life of an artist: "Dessins et Peintures" N°60.


·        Joint article on the position of women in art: "Dessins et Peintures" N°68.



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