"The whirlwind of lines and colours metamorphoses into a melody of the soul."


Marie-Kathrin, Franco-German, born 1964, has lived for more than 30 years in  Strasbourg.  From  1995 to 2001 she attended life drawing courses at the Strasbourg Art Academy.


Member of AIDA (Artistes Indépendants d'Alsace= Independent Alsatian Artists) since 2002.


Marie-Kathrin is especially interested in the human form: face and body. She seeks to translate the impressions from the model into art. She seeks to show the character and spirit of each model through different techniques.


Group Exhibitions Solo Exhibitions

Exhibitions in France :


Exhibitions in Paris :


           Associated Gallery in XIème: November 2007


         Maison de l'Alsace: August 2008


Exhibitions in Strasbourg :

Maison d'Art: June 2001, June 2002, January 2003, June 2003, June 2004,  January 2005,  March 2005, , August 2005, January 2006,  June-July 2006, August-September 2006, January 2007, August 2007, January 2008, August 2009


Clinique Sainte Anne: November 2002


Ateliers ouverts :  May 2005, May 2006; May 2007; May 2008; May 2009; May 2010 (presentation of the poetry booklet "Le poète est parti"), May 2011, May 2012


Salle Conrath (town hall) : September 2007, November 2012 (for the 50th anniversary of the twinning of Boston and Strasbourg, "The par avion project"


Clinique Adassa : March 2009


Gallery "Radial" : October 2010


Graphigro store: joint portfolio on the theme "A story" in association with the artists of association APOG (etching association), December, 2010.


CEFPPA: March / April 2011


Eglise Protestante Saint Pierre le Vieux : "Les Noelies" December 2011


Misha :   on the theme of "Double" with the association APOG, May / July 2013.


Parc d'exposition Strasbourg/Wacken, "The par avion project" in St-Art, European contemporary art fair, November 2013.


Temple Neuf: in favour of the association "Contact et Promotion", November 2014.


ARES: April-June 2015.


Cathedral Notre-Dame of Strasbourg: Collective exhibition for the millennium of the foundations of the cathedral Notre-Dame of Strasbourg June - September 2015.


ARES: "Retrospective APOG", September - December 2016.


Temple Neuf: Exhibition of two works in favour of the association "Contact et Promotion", November 2016.


ARES: Exhibition "Yellow", April-June 2017.


Temple Neuf: Exhibition "Resurrection" in March, 2018.


ARES: Exhibition "Ornithology" , April-June 2018.


Exhibitions in Nancy :


         Gallery "A la source des Arts" : January 2010-July 2012


Exhibitions in Illkirch-Graffenstaden :

À la Mairie : December 2019 - January 2020

Exhibitions in Saverne :

Salon de l'art et du jardin  au château des Rohan : May 2005, May 2006, May 2007, May 2008

Exhibitions in Bouxwiller :

Centre culturel : "Visions de Femmes" May  2005 und  May 2007,  "XIXème Rencontre d'Art", March 2007, French-German exchange September 2008, thirty years of French-German exchange September / October 2010, "Visions de Femmes" May  2011, "Vision de Femme" May-June  2013

Exhibitions in Sélestat :

Caveau Sainte Barbe : May  2008


Gallery "La ligne bleue" : April-June 2011


Church Saint-Georges : "Resurrection" within the framework of the cycle of exhibitions "Chemin d'art sacré en Alsace", June - October 2016

Exhibitions in Wissembourg :

"L'art s'expose" : July 2005


Atelier ouvert : May 2006

Exhibition in Vic sur Seille (Moselle):

"Rencart 2013" au Foyer Georges de la Tour : April 2013



Exhibitions in Germany :


Exhibition in Baden-Baden:

Stadtklinik: October 2001

Exhibition in Kappelrodeck:


          Gallery Zuckerbergschloss: April 2002


Exhibition in Wiesbaden:


          Wilhelm Kempf Haus: April 2010


Exhibition in Hanau:


          Schloss Philippsruhe: September / October 2010 (thirty years of French-German exchange)


Exhibition in Waghäusel:


      Gallery "Kavalierhaus, Eremitage": March-May 2011 (Contemporary art in Christian culture)


         Gallery "Kavalierhaus, Eremitage": October 2011


Exhibition in Hofheim am Taunus:


City hall: September 2013.




Exhibition in Belgium :


Exhibition in Liège:

Art Dense Gallery: Exhibition "Corps sans voile" January 2012


Exhibition in the Czech Republic :

Exhibition in Pilsen:

Alliance française: March 2008


Exhibitions in Japan :

Exhibitions in Tokyo:


         Metropolitan Museum, Salon Blanc: August 2007, August 2008, April 2013, September 2013



Exhibition in USA :

Exhibition in Boston :

       French Library (French Cultural Center): Exhibition "The par avion project" June 2012









Exhibitions in France :


Exhibitions in Strasbourg :


         Acap'Art (15éme édition) : August 2003


         Harmonia Mundi  : February 2004, March 2005, July-August 2005, May-August 2007, March-April 2008,           December 2010-February 2011


         Ex Libro :  March 2004, March 2006


         Maison d'Art  : February 2005


         Moulin de la Wantzenau : November 2005, May 2013

Chambre des Métiers de Schiltigheim :  June-August 2006

         Quai des Brumes :  November 2006

 Concil of Europe, February 2007

         Exhibitions organized from the archbishop Strasbourg "Chemins d'art sacré en Alsace" from the June 19th, until the end of September 2008 in the church Saints Pierre et Paul of Wissembourg "Femmes bibliques, femmes universelles" see: Booklet of the exhibition

                Exhibition in the church of Soultzmatt, October 2009

                Exhibition in the convent of Oberbronn, March / April 2010

Pink October in the University hospital of Strasbourg from October 1st till November 10th, 2010


 Concil of Europe, November 2012


Permanent art exhibition on the Hautepierre University Hospital Footbridge, September 2012 and Exhibition "Danse pour la vie" (Dance of life), April 2013.



Exhibition in Haguenau:


            Exhibitions organized from the archbishop Strasbourg "Chemins d'art sacré en Alsace", 22nd edition organized by the Diocese of Strasbourg from 13 June to end of October 2019 :  At Saint-Georges Church in Haguenau on the theme : "Nature, a nurturing mother who revives us".



Exhibitions in Nancy :


         Gallery "A la source des Arts" : April 2010, February 2011, June 2012



Exhibition in Bouxwiller :

Centre culturel : "Visions Estivales" from Marie-Kathrin Reiter-Daspet and the sculptor Michel Dardaine July 2014


Exhibition in Paris:


         Maison des Mines et des Ponts des Chaussées : within the framework of pink October, October 13th, 2016.



Exhibitions in Switzerland :


Exhibition in Zurich:


     September 2009



Exhibitions in Germany :


Exhibition in Waghäusel:


      Gallery "Kavalierhaus, Eremitage" : February-April 2010 with a lecture for the world women day (about my pictures Hadschar-Maryam) and a lecture "To live with Sorrow" by Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rupp about my crucifixion.


Exhibition in Bad Bergzabern:


Galerie "Passerelle" : Exhibition "Corps et âme / mit Leib und Seele" August/September 2013.



Thermal swimming pool "Südpfalz Therme" : Exhibition of photos July/August 2018